Spaghetti Eis Recipe

The traditional Spaghetti Eis Co. Spaghetti Ice Cream Recipe has been handed down for generations. While we provide our own recommendations below, feel free to make adaptations per your own flavor preferences. Serves ~4-6. If you haven’t already, you can watch the video for the recipe here. Need a spaghetti eis press? Click here to get our recommended potato ricer as the spaghetti eis maker!




I. Preparing the Spaghetti Sauce (Skip if premade)

1. Begin by taking washed strawberries and quartering them to blend more easily. Work through as many of strawberries as needed depending on the number of plates being served. We recommend about 1 pound for 6-8 plates.

2. Take the quartered strawberries and add them to your blender. During this step, it’s important to also pour in the 3 tablespoons of orange juice. Not only does this help sweeten the flavor, it also helps the blender blend the strawberries into a sauce.

3. Pour the resulting sauce from the blender into a pourer to be applied to the spaghetti eis in the future.

II. Making The Spaghetti Ice Cream

1. If you had your spaghetti eis maker in the freezer to ensure it is cooled, take it out now. Begin by taking your choice of vanilla ice cream out of the freezer and scoop a generous amount into your Spaghetti Eis Maker.

2. For each plate being served, begin by adding a layer of whipped cream as a base. Then, take your potato ricer spaghetti eis maker and press out the desired amount. In order to cleanly ‘cut’ the end of the ‘noodles’ from the maker, you can swing the hanging ice cream in a circular motion. We recommend also using cooled plates or bowls to serve in, so that the spaghetti ice cream maintains its texture.

III. Adding Toppings

1. Begin by taking your strawberry sauce and pouring it generously over the top of the vanilla ice cream. This sauce will provide a good sweet contrast to the more rich flavor of the vanilla.

2. Our Spaghetti Ice Cream recipe involves adding both coconut flakes and white chocolate to the top to act as the parmesan cheese. Feel free to use whichever you have a preference for, or both, as we do! Drop the coconut flakes over the top of the sauce.

3. The final touch on our spaghetti eis recipe is the white chocolate parmesan. As displayed, we are grating a bar of white chocolate over the bowl. If you are into dining theatrics, then this is something you can do after you have served your guests.

Enjoy! Optional and common variations to consider includes adding a base of whipped cream below the layer of ice cream, or adding black truffles / ferrara rocher chocolates as the ‘meatballs’ in the dish. Now that you know how it’s made, make sure to check out the history of spaghetti eis.